Test Devilry locally with Vagrant

You can deploy a complete Devilry demo in a local VirtualBox machine with just a couple of commands.

Install VirtualBox and Vagrant

See the Vagrant website. The getting started guide explains about VirtualBox and where to download it.

Get the sources

Clone the sources for devilry-deploy. You find them at our GitHub project page

Create a vagrant box

$ cd vagrant/
$ vagrant up

When the box is up, you can visit Devilry at http://localhost:9090. Login with one of:

- ``thor`` (student, examiner and courseadmin) - Since the current release is focused on the subject admin UI, this is probably the user you want to be using.
- ``dewey`` (student) - Use this instead of thor if you really want to test the student UI.
- ``donald`` (examiner)
- ``grandma`` (superuser)

or go to http://localhost:9090/devilry_sandbox/createsubject-intro.