Update DevilryΒΆ


These are general instructions that work if we only have code changes. Refer to the migration guide for each new version for the correct instructions.


Remember that you should run all these commands as the system user you created in the Build Devilry guide. The exception is, of course, stopping/starting Supervisord if you use an init script.

  1. Update the REVISION in the extends-attribute in the [buildout] section of your buildout.cfg as explained in Configure buildout.

  2. Stop Supervisord. If you did not setup an init-script, you can use the PID-file in /path/to/devilrybuild/var/supervisord.pid unless you have configured it to be somewhere else. See: Configure supervisord (logging, pidfile, ...).

  3. Run buildout:

    $ bin/buildout "buildout:parts=download-devilryrepo" && bin/buildout
    $ bin/django.py collectstatic --noinput
  4. Start Supervisord. If you have not created an init-script (see See: Configure supervisord (logging, pidfile, ...)), start Supervisord manually as explained in Run Supervisord for production.

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